CFM's Leap X engine core completes initial testing phase

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CFM has completed the first phase of tests on the core of its Leap X engine, which it is developing to power the next generation of Airbus and Boeing narrowbodies.

The 'eCore' is being developed by GE Aviation, a partner in CFM alongside Snecma (a Safran company). The initial testing was focused on the performance of the engine combustor and high-pressure turbine. It was conducted at GE's altitude test facility in Evendale, Ohio.

"All the hardware is meeting or exceeding our expectations," says a CFM spokeswoman.

The core deployed in the tests is named eCore 1 and features an eight-stage compressor, a twin-annular pre-swirl (TAPS) combistor and a single-stage turbine.

The next phase of testing, which will assess compressor performance, is scheduled to take place either in the fourth quarter or early in the first quarter of 2010, according to CFM.

"We are testing roughly 2,000 different engine parameters," adds the spokeswoman.

A second version of the core, dubbed eCore 2, will undergo testing from mid-2011. This core will include a two-stage turbine.

GE's altitude test facility in Evendale allows ground and altitude conditions to be simulated "over a much greater operating range than could be conducted with a full engine test", says CFM.