Charges deal to safeguard Copenhagen airport expansion plan

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Copenhagen Airports says a new charges deal it has struck with airlines will secure its plans to invest in the Danish capital's hub.

In the period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2019, fees will be linked to the national consumer price index, keeping them flat in real terms.

"This means that Copenhagen airport will retain its competitive position in the most economical third of the major European airports," says the operator. The proposed regime has been submitted to the Danish Transport Authority for approval.

Copenhagen Airports chief executive Thomas Woldbye says the deal "supports CPH's long-term investments in the airport and ensures that we can continue to execute our 'world-class hub' strategy, which is to retain and develop Copenhagen airport as the most important and attractive hub of northern Europe".

The airport's Pier C, which handles large aircraft, is to be expanded as part of a strategy to increase capacity to 40 million passengers per annum.

Various planned investments will reduce operating costs for airlines, adds the airport. The airside security restricted area is to be changed "to make it easier and more economical for airlines to service their aircraft"; domestic and international traffic are to be merged; and the airport is to implement automated check-in, bag-drops and boarding plus initiatives aimed at boosting efficiency of the turnaround process.