China needs 2,000 aircraft over next 15 years, President Hu Jintao tells Boeing

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Chinese president Hu Jintao told Boeing employees in Seattle yesterday that China would need to buy 2,000 new civil aircraft before 2020.

President Hu made the announcement on the second day of a four-day official visit to the USA, when he toured the widebody assembly line in Everett, Washington, where he adressed 5,000-6,000 people. Hu accepted and wore a Boeing baseball cap as he toured the plant.

In his address, commenting on the recent Chinese government order for 80 737 narrowbodies, he said the country would require 2,000 aircraft during the next 15 years to fuel its growth in air transport. Hu said that his country would need to buy 600 of these new aircraft over the next five years.

Hu was briefed on the new 787 long range twin currently under development and met Alan Mulally, chief executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

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