Citilink to reduce aircraft intake in 2014 to eight

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Indonesian low-cost carrier Citilink will take delivery of eight Airbus A320s in 2014, down from the original plan of 10.

The carrier’s chief executive Arif Wibowo tells Flightglobal Pro in an interview that the original projection in its first five year business plan was to receive 10 aircraft per year, taking it to a fleet of 70 aircraft by 2017.

However, in light of the recent weakening of the Indonesian rupiah relative to the US dollar and other economic considerations, Wibowo says that the airline feels that eight aircraft in 2014 “is quite enough" to meet the needs of the market.

“We do foresee a continued weakening of the rupiah in 2014, where we predict it could be more than Rp10,500 to the dollar. So I think it’s appropriate to adjust the fleet,” he adds.

The airline could take delivery of two more aircraft in 2015, but Wibowo says that it will “monitor the situation” before making a decision on whether to take the additional aircraft.

He also confirms that the airline retired the last of its Boeing 737s in early July as it has grown its fleet of A320s.

Flightglobal's Ascend Online Fleets database shows that Citilink has 23 A320s in operation. It has 51 more of the type on order, which includes 35 A320neos.