Colombia formally scraps Alianza Summa

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Colombia’s Alianza Summa alliance has officially been dismantled, a step largely expected after the grounding of carrier ACES in August.

Although the alliance continued to exist formally following the ACES termination, its effectiveness had been largely diminished because alliance member Avianca owns and controls the group’s third member, SAM Colombia.

A spokesman for Avianca says: “This decision has no influence on the operations of Avianca as Alianza Summa acted only as an umbrella brand name to the airlines participating in the alliance – which at all times continued to operate independently.”

Avianca is owned and controlled jointly by Valores Bavaria and the Colombian association of coffee growers, which both own 50% of the company.

The airline, which is under bankruptcy protection, is continuing the implementation of measures to streamline its corporate structure in order to secure approval for its restructuring plan which must be presented to a New York bankruptcy court before 2 December. The carrier has just gained authorisation from a Bogota labour court to lay off another 350 employees – mostly administrative and maintenance personnel.