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BAE Systems has received a $1.3 million contract to continue providing flight instruction for US Air Force General Atomics RQ-1A Predator unmanned air vehicle (UAV) crews. Northrop Grumman is to supply two more E-2C Hawkeye upgrade kits to Japan in a $60 million deal. One kit is already on order and the first modified E-2C will be completed in 2004. Upgrade of Japan's 13-aircraft fleet is potentially worth over $400 million and would extend the service life beyond 2020. Thomson Racal Defence has won a £6 million ($8.52 million) order for ground-based laser designators from the UK Ministry of Defence. Matra BAe Dynamics has won an order for its new Albi air-defence system from Oman. Albi combines a twin-launcher firing post for the Mistral 2 missile with a retractable turret for installation on army vehicles. The Royal Danish Air Force has ordered a laser spot tracker upgrade for its LANTIRN target designator pod from manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Dowty has won a £75 million order from Aermacchi for triplex direct drive controlled elevon, tailplane and rudder actuators for the M346 advanced trainer. L-3 Communications will supply FA2100 solid-state cockpit voice recorders to replace tail-based units in some 60 US Air Force Boeing C-17s, plus 30 new aircraft with an option for 20 more. Israel Aircraft Industries' (IAI) Tamam division has won an order from Northrop Grumman for the UMOSP electro-optical payload for the Fire Scout UAV. The air forces of Argentina, Chile and Ecuador have acquired Israel Military Industries' bomb carrying fuel tanks for Dassault Mirage, Enaer Pantera and IAI Kfir fighters. The supersonic 500 litre (130USgal) fuel tank can carry two bombs weighing up to 496lb (225kg). Matra BAe Dynamics has been awarded a contract to supply the Aster 15 and Mistral 2 surface-to-air missile systems for France's Charles de Gaulle nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.