Copter Pix UAS draws army interest

Tel Aviv
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Special army units are evaluating the Israeli-developed ERE35 unmanned air system, which has recently secured certification from the nation’s civil aviation authority for non-military use in urban areas.

The hovering, quad-rotor design was developed by Copter Pix – a company founded by UAS experts that have previously served in the Israeli defence forces.

According to company president Ronen Diker, the airframe’s main function is to provide a sturdy, well-balanced platform for the other system elements, such as a surveillance payload.

“The airframe was designed by our team, and we have added the other components,” Diker says.

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Copter Pix

The air vehicle’s motor-to-motor distance can vary by between 0.6m (2ft) and 0.8m, depending on the selected motor and size of propeller used, Copter Pix says.

With a maximum take-off weight of 4kg (8.8lb), including a payload of up to 1.5kg, the ERE35 has a flight endurance of 30min. Its maximum forward speed is 27kt (50km/h).

Diker says special army units have shown interest in the lightweight UAS, due to its ability to be prepared for operational use within minutes.