CSeries slot positions are limited through 2015

Source: Flightglobal.com
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Bombardier is believed to have limited slot positions available for the first 18 months of its CSeries programme.

CAO understands that more announcements are expected during the month of June; at the Paris air show and after the air show.

Bombardier's European SVP Steven Aliment is hopeful that more announcements will come on the CSeries programme after the Braathens Leasing order on 1 June. Everything is fairly dynamic and we are definitely progressing on many fronts across the globe," he tells CAO in an interview.

During the first quarter results conference call with analyst yesterday (1 June) Bombardier Aerospace President & COO Guy Hachey characterised two different tranches of CSeries customers.

In the first group, the "transactions are very far along, where there is just a few things to iron out".

Hachey outlined a "secondary handful of customers" where campaigns are progressing well. "Somewhere between seven and 10 customers of which are much further along, we're getting down to negotiating LOIs [letters of intent]".

Aliment says Bombardier is commercially advanced enough to offer positions beyond the first year of production for new customers. "At the front end of the skyline, we have a lot of customers quoted against these positions," adding that late 2014 slot positions are not 'doable'.

"If you come today and ask for slot positions in 2013 and 2014, we are full."

But Aliment warns that Bombardier will ramp the Cseries programme in a rational way not in a risky way. "We are not going to overreach on capacity."

Bombardier has not announced annual production rate for the CSeries but Hachey said the second year of production will double the first and almost double in the third year.

"We are thinking today of building between 100 and 120 a year. However, it is not out of the realm of possibility that it could be up to 200, 250."