Deals - 1 April 2007

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Volito closes deals

After merging its portfolio with Goldman Sachs through Irish company VGS Aircraft Holdings, Volito acquired three more aircraft last month.
Volito also leased a Boeing 737-400 (26437) with CFM56-3C1 engines to Ukraine Inter-national Airlines for a period of five years. The 1992-built aircraft was previously on lease to Blue Panorama Airlines.
VGS Aircraft Holdings acquired, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Olbia Ltd, three Airbus A319-100s (1102, 1283, 1305) with CFM56-5B6/2P engines from Permeke Aircraft Leasing. The 2000/01-built aircraft have leases attached to Meridiana until March and June 2009, respectively. The three aircraft were financed by PK AirFinance.
ABX Air agreed to buy a Boeing 767-200, formerly operated by American Airlines, and convert it into a freighter from passenger config-uration. ABX Air expects that it will cost about $20m to buy and modify the aircraft, which should be in service by early 2008. It expects to have forty-two 767s in service by early next year.
Aergo Capital purchased a 1991-built ex-China Southern Boeing 737-500 (24898) with CFM56-3B1 engines from ALPS in a deal arranged by Bristol Associates.
Aeroflot-Nord leased an ex-SkyEurope Boeing 737-500 (24827) with CFM56-3C1 engines from AerCap.
AirEntall wet-leased an ex-Atlasjet Airlines 1987-built Boeing 757-200 (23983) with RB211-535E4 engines from Macquarie AirFinance.
Alexandria Aviation leased a 1992-built Boeing 737-500 (26438) with CFM56-3C1 engines from parent company Jordan Aviation. The aircraft, which was purchased in December 2006, was previously operated by Luxair.
Air One leased an ex-THY Turkish Airlines 1994-built Boeing 737-400 (25376) CFM56-3C1 engines from ILFC.
Allegiant Air purchased two MD-87s (49725, 49778) with JT8D-219 engines off-lease from DFO Partnership. Both 1990-built aircraft had been on lease to Allegiant Air since 2001.
Allegiant Air also leased two ex-Spirit Airlines MD-82s (49931, 49932) with JT8D-219 engines from AerCo.
BCI Aircraft Leasing closed another three transactions last month. The company entered a sale and leaseback transaction with Alitalia and purchased a second and a third A321-200 from Airbus with forward leases to the Italian carrier. BCI Aircraft Leasing also acquired an Airbus A330-200 (322) with PW4168A engines from a group of European banks. The 2000-built air-craft has a lease attached to Swiss through 2014.
Batavia Air leased two ex-Varig 1989-built Boeing 737-300s (24097, 24093) with CFM56-3B2 engines on long-term leases from AWAS.
Boeing purchased a Boeing 747-400 (27042) with PW4056 engines from Malaysia Airlines for conversion to a 747-400LCF.
CSA Czech Airlines signed a one-year ACMI lease contract for an Airbus A310-300 (674) with PW4156A engines to Air India. The aircraft will be based in Bombay, servicing Bangkok, Hong Kong, New Delhi and Kuala Lumpur starting this month. CSA made a decision to lease the long-distance aircraft after shutting down its regular service to Dubai.
Costa Rica Skies leased an ex-Transmeridian Airlines 1986-built McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (49486) with JT8D-217 engines.
Emirates signed an agreement with GECAS to lease five more Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. All five aircraft are scheduled for delivery in the second half of 2008.
GA Telesis purchased two A300-600s from Thai Airways International for disassembly.
JT Power purchased a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (49401) with JT8D-219 engines from Wells Fargo Bank. The 1987-built aircraft has a six months lease attached to FlyNordic with an option to extend.
JetBlue Airways agreed to wetlease two Embraer ERJ-145s from ExpressJet through end of April. Both aircraft substitute for two E-190s.
Kalitta Air purchased five ex-Japan Airlines Boeing 747-200s with JT9Ds from JALUX for delivery through September 2007. Two (21680, 22065) are equipped with JT9D-7Q engines along with two 747-200Fs (21743, 21744). The remaining aircraft, a Boeing 747-200SF (22990), is powered by JT9D-7R4G2 engines.
Egypt start-up Koral Blue leased an Airbus A320-200 (937) with CFM56-5A3 engines from AerCap. The 1999-built aircraft was previously leased to Lotus Air.
LAT Charter leased two 1990-built ex-Air Canada 767-300ERs (24952, 25000) with PW4060 engines from Oak Hill Capital. Both aircraft, recently purchased by Oak Hill from ALPS, had leases expired at 31 March and 31 May 2007. Both aircraft are wet-leased to Virgin Nigeria in a deal arranged by Santos Dumont

Lagun Air leased one Embraer ERJ-145 (362) with AE engines from Air Caraibes on a long term basis. Skyways Aviation arranged the transaction.
Monarch leased an ex-bmi British Midland Airbus A321-200 (1045) with V2533-A5 engines from AerCap.
US start-up Myrtle Beach Direct Air wet leased a 1978-built Boeing 737-200 (21508) with JT8D-9A engines from Sky King
Oasis Growth Income and Investments agreed to purchase three 1990-built Boeing 747-400s (24801, 24833, 24920) with CF6-80C2B1F engines from All Nippon Airways. The aircraft will be operated by Oasis Hong Kong Airlines.
Romavia leased a further BAe 146-200 (2220) with ALF502-R5 engines from BAE Systems Regional Aircraft. Romavia also extended the lease of its existing 146-200 (2227) with ALF502-R5 engines by several more years.
South African Airlink agreed to lease a BAE Systems 146-200 (2064) with ALF502-R5 engines from BAE Systems Asset Management. The aircraft was previously operated by FlyBe.
SkyAirworld,Australia’sstart-up carrier, leased an Embraer E-170LR (081) equipped with CF34-8E5 engines from GECAS. The 2005-built aircraft was previously leased to Hong Kong Express Airways.
VLM Airlines leased a BAE Systems 146-300 (3126) with ALF502-R5 engines from Flight-line for a period of eight months initially, with a possibility to extend up to three years.
Volaris agreed to lease two new Airbus A319s with V2500 engines from ILFC. The first aircraft is scheduled for delivery in April 2008, the second in July 2008.
Vueling leased a new Airbus A320-200 (3040) with CFM56s from RBS Aerospace.
World Aircraft Trading purchased an ex-Comair Bombardier CRJ-100ER (7163) with CF34-3A1 engines from US Bank Trust NA Trustee. The 1997-built aircraft is being converted into a VIP aircraft. 


Aerolease purchased two ex-DAS Air Cargo DC-10-30Fs (46541, 46921) with CF6-50C1s from Finova Capital Corporation.
Asia Pacific Airlines purchased a 1978-built Boeing 727-200F (21459) with JT8D-17 engines off-lease from Finova Capital Corporation.
China’s Okay Airways leased two more Boeing 737-300 freighters for operations in May for FedEx. The carrier already leases a Boeing 737-300 (24961) with CFM56-3B2 engines from ILFC. The aircraft underwent passenger-to-freighter conversions at Shandong TAECO Aircraft Engineering using kits from Pemco. Okay has until now been a passenger airline.
Southern Air purchased ex-Northwest 1986-built Boeing 747-200B (23547) with JT9D-7R4G2 engines from Volvo Aero Services for part out.
Tesis Cargo Airlines purchased a 1979-built Boeing 747-200FM (22254) with JT9D-7Qs. The aircraft was previously owned by El Al Israel Airlines.
Volga-Dnepr agreed to lease one new Boeing 747-400ERF from Guggenheim Aviation Partners. The aircraft will be delivered in April 2008. Volga-Dnepr also leased two 1990-built Boeing 747-200Fs (24576, 25171) equipped with CF6-50E2s from Nippon Cargo Airlines. The aircraft will be operated by AirBridge Cargo. 


Air Minhas Linhas Aereas purchased a 1993-built Embraer 120ER (280) with PW118A engines from SkyWest Airlines.
Aelis acquired an Embraer 120ER (87) equipped with PW118 engines from Regional of France. 

Feeder Airlines leased a Fokker F-50 (20138) with PW125B engines from Stockholm Aircraft Finance. The 1988-built aircraft was previously on lease to Skyways Express.
LOT Polish Airlines purchased ex-Eurowings ATR-72-200 from Lufthansa.
Macair leased an ATR-42-500 aircraft (571) with PW127E engines from Air Vendee Investissement. The 1998-built aircraft was previously leased to Air Caraibes, which lately transferred the aircraft to Air Guadeloupe.
Virgin Nigeria wet-leased a Fokker F-50 (20233) equipped with PW125B engines from Denim Air for a period of four months. The 1991-built aircraft is on lease to Denim Air from RPK Capital.
West Wind Aviation acquired an ATR-42-300 aircraft (238) equipped with PW120 engines from Atlantic Air Transport. The 1991-built aircraft had been previously operated by Cimber Air.