Delta fined $750,000 for bumping passengers

Washington DC
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The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has fined Delta Air Lines $750,000 for violating rules protecting passengers who are involuntarily bumped from flights.

The Atlanta-based carrier involuntarily bumped passengers from flights without seeking volunteers first in a "number of instances", did not provide customers with the required written notice of their rights and explanation of why they were bumped, and did not inform them of their right to compensation of up to $1,300, according to the agency.

Delta can use up to $425,000 of the assessed penalty to invest in technology to record consumer decisions when denied boarding.

The airline says that it will invest more than the approved amount in technology to "better capture and record customers' understanding and intent" when they are denied boarding.

The penalty is final and cannot be appealed by Delta.

Delta was assessed a $375,000 fine for similar violations in 2009, according to the DOT.