Delta owns majority of Comair fleet

Washington DC
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Delta Air Lines owns the majority of its subsidiary Comair's fleet, and is expected to use this position to redeploy the majority of those aircraft at other regional contract carriers.

The Atlanta-based carrier announced that it would shut down Comair after 29 September due to high costs it says in an announcement today.

Comair has 26 Bombardier CRJ100s, 12 CRJ200s, 15 CRJ700s and 13 CRJ900s in its fleet but only 16 of the CRJ100s and 10 of the CRJ200s are active, according to Flightglobal's Ascend database. Delta had previously announced plans to reduce the number of 50-seat jets to 16 by August, and announced today that it planned to remove the remaining small jets this year.

Delta directly owns 12 of the CRJ100s and indirectly owns all of the CRJ700s and CRJ900s, as well as two of the CRJ200s through Comair, according to Ascend.

Marathon Asset Management is the next most exposed creditor owning eight of the CRJ100s, according to Ascend. Wells Fargo owns six CRJ200s and three CRJ100s, WestLB two CRJ100s and Sun Bank one CRJ100.

Either special purpose vehicles or companies own Comair's remaining aircraft. CRJ 7241, CRJ 7244, CRJ 7245, CRJ 7408, CRJ 7440, CRJ 7441 and MultiLeasing 7415 each own one CRJ100 (MSN 7241, 7244, 7245, 7408, 7440, 7441 and 7415, respectively), according to Ascend.

Market speculation is that Delta will redeploy the CRJ700 and CRJ900 aircraft at GoJet, which is known to have some of the lowest pilot costs per block hour in the industry, and SkyWest Inc.

Delta signed a new agreement with its pilots in June that allows it to reduce its 50-seat regional jet fleet to up to 125 from 342 at the end of the second quarter.