Doric's 20-aircraft MOU to expand A380 operator base

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Doric Lease anticipates its recent memorandum of understanding with Airbus for 20 A380s with expand the aircraft's operator base.

"Absolutely, this [the MOU] will. It is a fundamental goal of what we are trying to do - to expand the base," said Paul Kent, chief commercial officer of Doric, at the Ascend Finance Forum in London today.

Kent dispels a "market myth" that Doric Lease is involved in a "sweetheart deal to front a 20-aircraft order for Emirates."

"That's absolutely not the purpose behind what we have done."

He adds: "Is the move due to the benefit of experience, due to the fact that we have been working with the asset type for the last seven years, and we have had a significant amount of inquiries form airlines that informed us of our decision? Yes, it is."

Kent says he has some "clear candidates in mind" who have expressed interest in the A380 and are not of the existing operating base.

He says these airlines are not necessarily "purchase candidates" because it is "a lot easier for these airline to lease the A380 than it to buy it."

Total orders for the A380 stand at 262 as of April 2013. The biggest customer is Emirates Airline, which in June 2010 increased its order by 32 aircraft to 90 in total.