Dubai 09: FlyDubai will take delivery of new lightweight galley

This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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A new lightweight galley is being introduced to the region by Dutch company Driessen Aerospace Group (stand W468).

"The MAX-Flex 2 Galley was jointly developed with Boeing for the 737 Sky Interior cabin," says Abraham Sarraf, director of sales and marketing.

"It was designed to improve passenger service for a better flying experience. It is visually and clean looking, only has one latch instead of the usual dual latch, and is 50lb [23kg] lighter than other galleys."

FlyDubai will be the first airline to take delivery of the MAX-Flex 2 galley in July 2010.

The galley specialist has the MAX-Flex 2 on display at the show as well as its MAX-Flex galley, a modular galley for Airbus A320s and 737s.

"Our Max-Flex Galley concept offers the flexibility to configure galleys in multiple ways with inter-changeable modules easily removable and without affecting the certification. They are super lightweight and offer more than 175 different pre-certificated configurations to meet any catering requirement in a reliable, fast and simple way," says Sarraf.