DUBAI: Irkut undertaking MS-21 wing structure tests

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Over 20 models of the Irkut MS-21 twinjet have been tested, with more than 1,000 tests undertaken in wind tunnels.

Irkut sales and marketing vice-president Kirill Budaev, in a briefing at the Dubai air show, added that the airframer was undertaking tests of four prototype wing structures.

The wing of the MS-21 is composite, but the aircraft will have a metal fuselage.

Budaev said the airframer opted to apply composites "where reasonable" adding that, given the MS-21's fuselage diameter, using composite would not be efficient.

He added that the wing "doesn't need" winglets, stating that it has a high aspect ratio, with "significant" drag reduction, and adding such wing-tips would "decrease the quality".

Models of the MS-21 family have previously shown the largest variant, the -400, as being fitted with winglets.