Duo of Gulfstream G100s now supporting siblings

Washington DC
This story is sourced from Flight International
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Gulfstream has added a second G100 business jet, three pilots and two technicians to its airborne product support programme to aid North American and Caribbean customers faced with aircraft-on-ground situations.

Since the start of the support programme in 2002, Gulfstream has completed nearly 2,650 missions, including 350 outside the continental USA, says the company. In situations where an operator's aircraft is outside the G100's range of service, Gulfstream will fly parts or technicians to a major airline hub, where they can connect to commercial flights to reach the customer's aircraft.

"The addition of another Gulfstream G100 means one aircraft should always be available for customer support," says Gulfstream. In addition to the two G100s, Gulfstream has four flightcrews and a full-time manager dedicated to the airborne product support programme.