EADS, Rusnano working to drive innovation in nanotechnology

This story is sourced from Flight International
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A co-operative agreement has been forged between aerospace giant EADS and Russian Nanotechnology Corp (Rusnano) with the aim of spearheading advancement in nanotech-related fields.

The partnership, agreed by EADS chief technical officer Jean Botti and Rusnano CEO Anatoly Chubais, comes at a time when the aerospace community is studying ways to incorporate carbon nanotubes into various aviation systems and processes. For instance, a new anti-icing system that deploys carbon nanotubes into an airliner's paint coating is being developed by research firm Battelle. Separately, EasyJet recently announced that it is testing a nanotechnology-based polymer exterior polish that is designed to reduce fuel burn by smoothing the aircraft's surface, reducing the build-up of dirt and lowering drag.

As a first step in their partnership, EADS and Rusnano will identify relevant patents in EADS's portfolio, which could be suitable for developing new business in the Russian industry.

"As a global leader in aerospace and defence, EADS has technologies that can help our partners maintain their competitive edge," said Botti. "Today's agreement establishes the ground for co-operation in different areas through the use and transfer of intellectual property and technology."

Chubais added: "Our co-operation paves the way for the progress in nanotech-related fields, including energy efficiency, new materials, life science and security."