EASA orders repetitive wing inspections on A380s

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European safety regulators have determined that repetitive inspections are required on Airbus A380s to check for the wing rib-foot cracking problem on the type.

Previous directives have ordered specific precautionary checks on A380 rib feet depending on the number of cycles the aircraft has logged.

But the European Aviation Safety Agency has updated its directive to require high-frequency eddy current inspections at intervals of 560 cycles, as well as an initial inspection within 1,300 cycles of first flight.

"Pending the availability of a terminating action, it has been determined that, to maintain the safety of the A380 fleet, repetitive inspections are necessary," says EASA.

Certain aircraft which have had lower panel rib boom sections replaced are subject to a slightly different inspection regime.

EASA says the revised inspection order is an "interim action" until a permanent solution to the cracking problem is developed and approved.