EasyJet supports electric taxi system development

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Safran and Honeywell have recruited EasyJet as a partner to support the development of their electric taxiing system.

The two manufacturers are planning to test a prototype of the equipment on a dedicated Airbus A320 in 2013, which they acquired for the programme.

EasyJet will contribute to the development and system trials with its operational experience and data.

Depending on airlines' individual operations, Safran and Honeywell expect net fuel savings of between 2% and 4% from its "green taxiing system", which will take power from the aircraft's APU.

As EasyJet typically operates on short sectors and thus high flight cycle numbers, taxiing forms a proportionately larger part of an aircraft's operating time than at airlines with longer routes.

The Luton-based carrier has an average taxi time per flight of 20min and expects fuel savings of "around 4%".

The airline added that its approximately 180-strong A320-family fleet taxis around 3.5 million miles (5.6 million km) per year.