EBACE: French company becomes first corporate customer of TBM 850 Elite

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A French employment services company has become the first corporate customer of Daher-Socata's TBM 850 Elite, the manufacturer announced today at EBACE.

Executives of Abalone Group, based in Nantes in northwest France, will use the latest version of the single turboprop for long-distance business trips.

Sacha Moutel, project manager at Abalone, says the TBM 850 will help staff access cities unserved or underserved by commercial flights, and cut down on wasted travelling time.

"We noticed also that activity on board our corporate aircraft is the continuity of our office activity, so the travel time is typically productive time. Therefore, we are more efficient," says Moutel. He adds that on a flight lasting several hours, the comfort of a private plane reduces fatigue.

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