European general aviation: Making a noise

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As Europe's largest general aviation show Aero Friedrichshafen kicks off in Germany on 8 April, our special report turns the spotlight on the key issues affecting the continent's largest and often ignored aviation sector. We reveal how GA's proponents are striving to get the industry's voice heard and why they are taking their fight to the Europe's leading policy makers. We also examine a clutch of aircraft and environmental-led programmes that are being developed by Europe's small band of pioneering companies, each hoping to transform their respective market sectors with innovative designs and technological know-how.


Cessna (top)  is confident that the market will return as the economy recovers from the downturn, but the Wichita giant could be challenged for market leadership if electric-powered aircraft such as PC-Aero's Elektra One (above) can overcome technological and regulatory hurdles. Picture: Cessna and PC-Aero