FARNBOROUGH: Boeing outlines Max performance details

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Boeing will add between 741km to 1,000km (400nm to 540nm) range for the 737 Max family and pay a weight penalty between 2,270kg and 3,180kg (5,000lb to 7,000lb) for each of the three variants.

The specifications were released for the first time at the Farnborough air show today nearly 11 months after Boeing's board of directors authorised the programme to offer the 737 Max to airlines and aircraft leasing companies.

The range differences span from a 741km increase for the 737-7 Max compared to the 737-700, and to 1,000km jump for the 737-8 and 737-9 compared to the 737-800 and 737-900, Joe Ozimek, vice president of 737 Max marketing explains.

By extending the 737-7's range by 741km, new city pairs including Beijing to Moscow are possible for the 126-seat aircraft, Ozimek adds.

The 737-9's top range of 6,660km makes it Boeing's natural replacement for the 757 family, but it will not be enough to replace roughly 50 757s flying the transatlantic mission, Ozimek says.

Boeing also listed the cruise speed for the CFM Leap-1B-powered 737 Max family as Mach 0.79.

Boeing's analysis predicts the weight and range differences mean the 737 Max family should consume fuel at a rate 13% less than the Airbus A320neo. The 737 Max should offer an 8% per seat cost advantage over the competitor, but both aircraft could have almost equivalent aircraft costs, Ozimek says.