FARNBOROUGH: Sukhoi Civil Aircraft to rejig executive team

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Sukhoi Civil Aircraft is reinforcing its senior management with an emphasis on enhancing Superjet 100 sales and marketing efforts.

The entity's president, Andrei Kalinovski, is to vacate his post later this month, said sources within the Russian delegation at the Farnborough air show.

Kalinovski has been tapped by the aerospace corporation Energiya to become deputy director of production development, says a person familiar with the situation, adding: "Over the past year, Kalinovski personally oversaw the Superjet 100 programme and has successfully accomplished the task of ramping up the type's output rate to two aircraft per month. The board of directors is to select and appoint a successor to him by August."

In the meantime, the Sukhoi-Alenia Aermacchi joint venture has named Yevgeny Andrachnikov as a senior vice-president with a broad range of responsibilities.

"I will assume a role of a chief liaison officer between Russian and Italian shareholders," says Andrachnikov. "Part of this job covers investor relationships. I'll be also a member of a joint sales committee."

Previously, Andrachnikov directed Moscow-based Avia Asset Management, a private investment group which founded Dexter Air Taxi.

In addition, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft is to approve a candidate for the joint sales taskforce shortly. He is an Italian citizen who has worked with Alenia, says Andrachnikov.