FARNBOROUGH: Tekever UAV falls apart upon landing, as planned

This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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Tekever (H4/D9) has a novel way of making an impact at the show - its unmanned air vehicle is designed to fall apart on landing.

Observers of the autonomous AR4 Light Ray's flying display could be forgiven for wondering whether everything had gone according to plan after a Tekever employee was dispatched to collect parts of the UAV - with a fire engine in attendance - at the conclusion of its routine.

Pilots like to say that a good landing is "one that you can walk away from", but in the case of the Light Ray it is one that "you can walk away with".

Its Portuguese manufacturer says that unlike many other UAVs of its class, the AR4's wings are specifically designed to detach when the aircraft lands on its belly, minimising potential damage to the wings and airframe.