GA Telesis to dismantle three aircraft

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GA Telesis has started the dismantling process of three Boeing aircraft including a 757, 767 and 777.

The US aftermarket provider says it is the only company to part-out more than one 777-200. It has another 777-200ER aircraft scheduled for disassembly in August.

Under the current assignment, the 777-200ER is powered by Rolls Royce's Trent 892 engines. The 1999-vintage aircraft (MSN 28418) was last operated by Malaysia Airlines. It is owned by MAL Fin Five, according to Flightglobal's Ascend Online database.

The General Electric-powered 767-200ER (MSN 22326) t was previously operated by American Airlines. The 1986-vintage aircraft is owned by GA Telesis, according to Ascend.

The last aircraft, a 757-200 (MSN 25276), is powered by Pratt & Whitney PW2037 engines. The 1991-vintage aircraft, which was previously operated by United Airlines, was acquired from Aerolease in March this year.

All aircraft have entered the disassembly production line in the USA, says GA Telesis.