Gear problem strikes again on Aeroflot Superjet

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Aeroflot appears to have experienced another gear-retraction problem with its Sukhoi Superjet fleet, despite recent work aimed at overcoming the issue.

Russia's emergencies ministry says that a Superjet operating the Moscow Sheremetyevo-Nizhny Novgorod route made an "emergency landing" on 7 March.

It states that the aircraft - transporting 77 passengers and seven crew - returned to Sheremetyevo at 16:52 because of "unclosed" landing-gear doors.

While it has not identified the operator, radar surveillance data shows that Aeroflot's flight SU1226 landed back at the airport at this time, some 50min after departing for Nizhny Novgorod, having spent the flight in a holding pattern to the north of Sheremetyevo.

The data indicates that the aircraft involved was 95017, one of a pair which experienced landing-gear retraction problems in January - concerns over which contributed to four Aeroflot Superjets being taken out of service the following month to undergo urgent corrective work.

Sukhoi said on 15 February that the four jets had been cleared to fly again, and that the problems had been "eliminated".