Gogo: Tablets top devices for connecting inflight

Washington DC
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Most airline passengers using Gogo's internet service in the cabin are connecting via tablet devices, says the Illinois-based connectivity provider.

About 35% of passengers are using tablet devices to access Gogo's internet service, a new infographic released by the company shows. The use of smartphones is rivaling laptops, with 32% and 33% of passengers using those methods to connect, respectively.

When it comes to operating systems to run the devices, Apple's iOS is leading the way. About 84% of passengers are using iOS to connect, followed by 16% using Android devices. Despite this, Gogo says that Android devices are gaining popularity, as the operating system has grown from only 3.2% of this share in 2011.

About 73% of smartphone users are connecting with Apple's iPhone, followed by Android devices at 26%. BlackBerries and Windows phones make up a negligible portion of smartphone usage at less than 1%.

Quarterly customer surveys show that passengers are most often using inflight internet to surf the web, followed by checking work e-mail and personal e-mail.

Gogo has outfitted more than 1,700 aircraft in North America with its first-generation air-to-ground (ATG) system and more than 100 with its faster, next-generation ATG-4 system.

The data was tallied after 1 January and represents about a month of usage throughout Gogo's connected aircraft, says the connectivity provider. Airline partners include American Airlines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines and Virgin America. AirTran Airways also has Gogo inflight internet installed, but Southwest has plans to retrofit these aircraft with Row 44's Ku-band connectivity as it merges the two operations.