Goodrich to supply more parts for MRJ

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Goodrich has signed a deal with Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation to supply air data sensors, ice detectors and windshield heat controllers for the new Mitsubishi Regional Jet aircraft family.

The first flight-test hardware will be delivered in mid- 2011, says Goodrich.

The flight-critical air data sensors are used extensively across commercial and military aircraft applications.

"The complement of sensors includes aerodynamically-compensated pitot-static probes, digital angle of attack sensors and total air temperature sensors," it adds.

"The ice detectors advise flight crews of ice build-up for activation of the aircraft's ice protection system," says Goodrich.

"The internally-mounted windshield heat controllers ensure the windshield remains free of condensation and ice. The controllers help conserve power by regulating and distributing only the level of power required," it adds.