Ground-proximity alarm sounded in Peach A320 incident

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Japanese investigators have disclosed that the ground-proximity warning system on a Peach Aviation Airbus A320 sounded during the recent low-approach incident at Naha.

The incident occurred on 28 April as the aircraft, arriving from Ishigaki, was turning over the sea to line up for the runway 18 approach from the north.

While full details of the flight profile have yet to be confirmed by the Japan Transport Safety Bureau, preliminary surveillance data indicates that the A320 descended to around 1,000ft even before it was abeam of Cape Zanpa – some 25km north of the airport.

At this distance an aircraft operating a normal 3° approach path would typically be above 4,000ft.

JTSB says the aircraft’s ground-proximity warning system activated during the approach and the A320 climbed to carry out a go-around, before landing at about 12:10.

Peach Aviation has said the JTSB is treating the incident as serious.