Hawaiian weighs in on Tokyo Haneda slot liberalisation

Washington DC
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Hawaiian Airlines opposes Delta Air Lines request to drop US gateway requirements on the Tokyo Haneda frequencies available to US carriers, unless the frequencies are fully liberalised.

The Honolulu-based carrier says that the US Department of Transportation (DOT) should review the three prior frequency awards as well as drop restrictions on the hours of operations and US gateway if it accepts Delta’s request, in a filing with the regulator on 29 November.

Such a move by the DOT would “provide a truly unregulated environment in which competition can truly flourish”, says Hawaiian.

There are only four frequencies to Tokyo Haneda International airport available to US carriers. These are in turn limited to arrivals between 22:00 and 07:00 Tokyo time, and departures between midnight and 07:00.

Hawaiian and United Airlines are seeking a Haneda frequency that was returned to the DOT by American Airlines on 2 December. Hawaiian proposes a Kona-Tokyo flight and United a San Francisco-Tokyo flight.

Delta uses two frequencies for daily flights from Los Angeles and Seattle Tacoma, and Hawaiian one for a daily flight from Honolulu.