Honeywell prepares to supply core avionics for SyberJet's SJ30, set for 2014 service-entry

This story is sourced from Flight International
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SyberJet Aircraft plans to resume production of the SJ30 business jet in 2014 and has secured a contract with Honeywell to supply the "core avionics" for the light twinjet's new glass-panel cockpit, SyberVision.

The avionics - scheduled for certification by the end of next year - will include SmartView synthetic vision with head-up display symbology in a head-down presentation on the primary flight display, a dual flight management system and an Inav moving map. The cockpit will also feature up to four 12-inch LCD displays, charts/maps, Taws-A, dual Waas GPS/LPV, graphical flight planning and onboard weather radar, says SyberJet, an an operating unit of MT, which purchased the assets of former SJ30 owner Emivest Aerospace in April 2011 for $5.19 million.

Emivest, and Sino-Swearingen before it, produced four of the seven-seat aircraft, although several more were on the production line when operations were halted in October 2010 as a result of the collapse of the light business jet market.

SyberJet, based in San Antonio, Texas, says it plans to open the order book for the seven-seat aircraft early next year and anticipates strong demand from customers looking for "fast, long-range aircraft that typically fly with a small payload of 1-2 persons in the back". The SyberVision-equipped SJ30 is earmarked for certification in the third quarter of 2014, leading to first deliveries before the end of the year.