IATA: Tyler pressures EU to back down over ETS

This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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IATA is ratcheting up the pressure on the EU to stand down in the face of an increasingly bitter stand-off over its Emissions Trading System to enable progress towards a global solution on aviation emissions.

"The EU's extra-territorial ETS is not a stepping stone on the way to the global solution through ICAO that everyone - including Europe - agrees we need," IATA director general Tony Tyler said in his state of the industry address. "It's a polarising obstacle that is preventing real progress. Our host country, China, is at the forefront of the opposition to the European ETS. Its carriers are forbidden from participating."

The ETS is due to take effect next year but a growing group of countries led by China and India are standing firm in their opposition. ICAO's president of the council, Roberto Kobeh, reported at the annual generation meeting that it is working hard to finalise its market-based global solution to be presented at the 38th ICAO assembly in September next year.