India plans to examine aviation emission plans

Washington DC
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India plans to unveil its strategy for addressing aviation's contribution to climate change possibly in the next three to six months.

The Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has set up a group to study international best practices for targeting aviation emissions and is seeking input from Indian airports, airlines and other industry stakeholders.

"This has now become a priority," India Ministry of Civil Aviation Secretary M. Madhavan Nambiar said today during a media briefing at the US-India Aviation Partnership Summit in Washington.

He notes that the DGCA group's effort is in the early stages.

Countering aviation emissions will carry a cost and given the financial state of Indian airlines, any plans will have to be formed carefully, Nambiar says.

"But this is very much on our radar. We will be working very closely and I think in the next three to six months we should have a plan," the secretary says.

Asked if the effort would include a cap and trade system similar to what the European Union has implemented, Nambiar said it was under discussion but he declined to elaborate.