INTERIORS: Money should not handicap Kiteline equipage, says LiveTV

This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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LiveTV is looking to score a hole in one with its new global in-flight connectivity service over Iridium satellites, and says financing for installs is available.

The so-called Aero OpenPort solution - developed in partnership with Iridium and branded "Kiteline World" - features a small antenna that offers truly global coverage and a 128 kbps data rate.

Kiteline World will be flight tested on an Airbus A320 around the February timeframe, reveals LiveTV vice-president of sales and marketing Mike Moeller. He declines to say if the operator is LiveTV parent JetBlue Airways.

Iridium has thrown its support around Aero OpenPort, which was originally engineered for the maritime market. The satellite operator is "hoping to offset capital cost [to airlines] of the hardware to get this going", says Moeller.