INTERIORS: Thales partners with Songdish and GuestLogix

This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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Thales is linking up with GuestLogix for onboard payment and online music streaming site Songdish to expand its onboard content on top of its new partnership with in-flight connectivity provider Gogo which it formally unveiled at Aircraft Interiors in Hamburg.

The link-up with music streaming social network site Songdish will feature content cached on-board the Thales TopSeries IFE system servers as well as streamed content for connected aircraft. Alongside music, it provides access to the Songdish library of information relating to performers, concerts and venues.

"We already had audio on demand so we though what else can you offer that is different," explains Thales director, product strategy, media services David Pook. "This gives you the ability to link to other information about the artist or the song."

Other applications Thales has been showing include the ability to send an electronic postcard. "It's another way we can leverage the connection," says Pook, noting the company has proved it can get applications relatively easily onto its TopSeries platform.

Under a ten-year deal with onboard retail payment firm GuestLogix, the two will integrate a transactions processing engine to Thales' TopSeries in-seat system to provide secure payment processing. The GuestLogix solution encrypts credit card numbers and offloads sales transactions to an airline's selected payment gateway on the ground.

Thales' describes its new partnership with GoGo as "phase two" of co-operation after the two worked together IFE and connectivity for a major US carrier. They are now teaming up to offer line-fit solutions linking the TopSeries Avant IFE platfrom with Gogo's various connectivity solutions.

"Airlines want flexibility," says Thales US president Alan Pellegrini, adding; "There's no point to trying to force airlines down a route that doesn't give them freedom of choice. This gives customers the best of both worlds."