Iran Air ready to resume flying grounded A310s

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Iran Air has reportedly overcome sanctions by the West on aircraft spare parts and is ready to resume flights with Airbus aircraft acquired in 2001.

Iran had grounded a fleet of Airbus A310-200/300s due to lack of spare parts and technical problems with their General Electric CF6-80C2A2 powerplants.

Iran Air is reportedly ready to resume flights with Airbus aircraft acquired in 2001

Now, Iranian engineers have “succeeded in repairing the aircraft after long arduous work,” the Fars News Agency reports. “All the technical problems in the engines of the aircraft have been removed and the aircraft is now ready to fly.”

The carrier owns two A310-300s and perhaps six A310-200s, according to ATI affiliate ACAS and published reports.

Last year, Iran Air chairman and managing director Saeid Hesami told ATI, a sister news source, that the West’s sanctions had grounded a number of A310 aircraft.

Iran’s aerospace industry has been seeking to develop an ability to build and maintain aircraft independently of US and European supply chains.

The Iranian military has reportedly developed several types of new fighters, including two different copies of modified Northrop F-5s.