Israel issues RFI for presidential transport aircraft

Tel Aviv
This story is sourced from Flight International
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The Israel government has issued a request for information for a VIP-configured aircraft dedicated to transporting the Israeli president and prime minister on foreign visits.

These missions are now undertaken by one of the Israeli airlines. Before that, the head of state would be transported in an Israeli air force Boeing 707.

The RFI lists three options - a dedicated aircraft for these official flights, a dual-use aircraft that will be operated by an airline between the official flights, and a long-term agreement with an airline, under which one of its aircraft will be converted to VIP configuration at short notice.

The operator must be an Israeli company, the RFI dictates, and the requirement is for an aircraft able to carry up to 120 passengers in a three-class configuration. The front section will be modified to include an office with secure communications systems, a bedroom and other facilities and systems.

The RFI includes an option for a dual-use aircraft that will be operated by the Israeli air force.