ISTAT Rome: AWAS sees more debt in second-hand transactions

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Securing financing for older aircraft equipment remains a problem in a tighter lending market, but a senior lessor executive believes this is about to change .

Speaking at the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading conference in Rome, AWAS' president and chief executive Raymond Sisson said he expects more commercial debt appetite for second-hand aircraft.

Sisson says aircraft, aged between eight and 17 years, are "begging for financing" but this could change over the next couple of years.

"It will take a while before the capital flows into the second-hand market segment," he says. "The trend is not negative for all of us. New ASU rules will drive older aircraft out, but I see tremendous opportunities for the likes of PK airfinance and DVB Bank, which have an asset knowledge and expertise in this area."

Boeing estimates that 900 Airbus A320s and 600 737NGs will come off lease during the next 24 months.