JAL, ANA clash on Haneda slot allocations

Source: Flightglobal.com
This story is sourced from Flightglobal.com

Japan Airlines (JAL) is protesting a decision by the country’s transport ministry to award the majority of new slots being made available at Tokyo’s Haneda International airport to rival carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA).

JAL is set to receive only five of 16 new international slots at Haneda that will become available from April 2014.

The Oneworld carrier says that it had previously called on Japan’s transport ministry to equally divide the 16 additional international slots between itself and ANA.

However, it has learned that it will only be allocated five slots, and has criticised the ministry’s process that has seen its rival gain the majority of the new slots.

“Decisions regarding the allocation of national assets such as departure and arrival slots were not made from the standpoint of maximization of passenger convenience and the national interest,” JAL says in a statement.

The carrier is seeking a formal explanation from the ministry, a well as “a correction of the content of this allocation.”

For its part, ANA welcomed the decision to award it the 11 slots.

"This will help close the competitive gap between ANA and Japan Airlines created by the extensive state financial support given to JAL after its bankruptcy," says chief executive Shinichiro Ito.

“We look forward to making the best possible use of the allocated slots at Haneda to improve air travel services for both domestic and international travellers," he adds.

Flightglobal’s FlightMaps Analytics shows that JAL and ANA each operate 91 international departures a week from Haneda. Both carriers operate flights to 10 destinations, including Singapore, Paris, San Francisco and Honolulu.