Jet deals - 22 March

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SAS leases Boeing 717-200 fleet

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) is expected to start operations with a new fleet type, the Boeing 717-200.

The carrier has agreed to lease five aircraft of the type from Pembroke Group. The MSNs are 55059, 55060, 55061, 55065, 55066 and the aircraft are equipped with BR715A1-30 engines. All aircraft were manufactured in 2000 expect MSN 55061, which entered service operations in May 2001.

All five aircraft were previously operated by Spanish carrier Quantum Air.

Air Berlin transferred one Airbus A320-200 (3422) aircraft with CFM56-5B4/3 engines to Belair Airlines. The 2008-vintage aircraft is on lease from AerCap.

Aerogal subleased a Boeing 757-200 (26635) aircraft with RB211-535E4 engines from Avianca. The 1994-vintage vintage aircraft was previously operated by Oceanair.

Aires Columbia leased a Boeing 737-700 (30687) aircraft with CFM56-7B24 engines from ILFC. The 2007-vintage aircraft was previously leased to Flyglobespan.

Avient leased a Boeing 767-300BDSF (24086) aircraft with CF6-80C2B6 engines from EuroAtlantic Cargo. The 1988-vintage aircraft was last operated by Varig-VRG Linhas Aereas as a passenger aircraft.

Business Air leased a Boeing 767-300ER (24753) aircraft with CF6-80C2B6F engines from Sojitz Aircraft Leasing BV. The 1989-vintage aircraft was previously operated by Varig-VRG Linhas Aereas.

Brussels Airline extended the lease of three Airbus A330-200 (30, 37, 45) aircraft with CF6-80E1A2 engines with GMT Global Republic Aviation. The three aircraft were manufactured in 1993. All were on five-year operating leases due to be returned by the end of this year. Brussels Airlines extended the leases by another four years.

Cham Wings wetleased one Airbus A320-200 (142) aircraft with CFM56-5A3 engines from SmartLynx. The 1990-vintage aircraft is on lease to Smartlynx by Pembroke Group through December 2012.

FedEx acquired a Boeing 777-200LRF (32967) aircraft with GE-110B1 engines from Air France. The aircraft was built in November 2009. The second aircraft purchased by FedEx from Air France, MSN 32969, was not taken up by the French carrier and has now been delivered to FedEx.

Khors Air Company purchased two Boeing MD83 (53466, 53488) aircraft with JT9D-219 engines from Onur Air. MSN 53466 was built in 1994 while MSN 53488 was manufactured in 1996.

Magnicharters leased a Boeing 737-300 (24532) aircraft with CFM56-3B1 engines from AirCorp. The 1989-vintage aircraft was previously operated by GOL Transportes Aereos.

Thomas Cook Airlines subleased a Boeing 767-300ER (28865) aircraft with CF6-80C2B7F engines from Monarch Airlines. The 1997-vintage aircraft was previously operated by Air Mediterranee.

UM Air acquired a Boeing MD83 (49938) aircraft with JT8D-219 engines from Jetran International. The 1990-vintage aircraft was last operated by Spanair.

UT Air leased a Bombardier CRJ-200LR (7220) aircraft with CF34-3A1 engines from Panorama Leasing. The 2000-vintage aircraft was previously operated by Lufthansa Cityline.

XL Airways subleased a Boeing 737-800 (30618) aircraft with CFM56-7B26 engines from Miami International Airways. The 2001-vintage aircraft is owned by the CIT Group.