Jet deals - 30 May

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Delta takes six E-170LRs from Virgin

Delta Air Lines has signed operating leases with Virgin Australia for six Embraer 170LRs.

According to the terms of the transaction arranged by Jetscape, the six aircraft (180, 187, 191, 227, 247, 255) aircraft with CF34-8C5 engines are going on five-year leases to Delta and will be operated by Compass Airlines. Together with the incremental units from Republic (14 aircraft), Delta will use the 20 E-Jets to replace less efficient 50-seaters.

Delta leased an Embraer 170LR (180) aircraft with CF34-8E5 engines from VNBC 9 PTY special purpose entity. The 2007-vintage aircraft was operated by Virgin Blue since new. The aircraft is the first of six 170LRs (MSNs 180, 187, 191, 227, 247, 255) delivered to Virgin Blue over a 12-month period between September 2007 and September 2008. The fleet was financed through a 10-year commercial debt structure provided by a pool of banks including ING, Commerzbank and Dekabank.

AgroAr subleased a Boeing 737-300F (23500) with CFM56-3B1 engines from Safair. The 1986-vintage aircraft was last operated by Estafeta Carga Aerea.

Air Lease Corporation purchased an Airbus A320-200 (3141) with V2527-A5 engines from Aviation Capital Group with a lease attached. The 2007-vintage aircraft has been operated by Air Astana since new.

Air Lease Corporation acquired a Boeing 777-300ER (35254) aircraft with GE90-115BL2 engines from GECAS. The 2007-vintage aircraft is leased to Air Canada.

Air Transat leased an Airbus A330-300 (407) aircraft with Trent 772B-60 engines from ILFC. The 2001-vintage ex-Dragonair aircraft was placed on lease by ILFC to Saga Airlines for a six-year period.

Air Zena-Georgian Airways leased a Boeing 737-300 (27452) aircraft with CFM56-3C1 engines from Aircraft & Engine Support. The 1994-vintage aircraft was last operated by Air Austral.

Comair leased a Boeing 737-800 (28382) aircraft with CFM56-7B26 engines from Sumisho Aircraft Asset Management. The 1999-vintage aircraft was previously operated by Air Europa.

Deucalion Aviation Funds acquired two Boeing 747-400 (24896, 29375) aircraft with CF6-80C2B1F engines from ILFC. The first aircraft was built in 1991 and operated by Varig through 1994. It was then leased to Air New Zealand. The second, a 1999-vintage aircraft was delivered new to Air New Zealand.

Donbassaero leased two Airbus A320-200 (579, 645) aircraft with CFM56-5A3 engines from ILFC. The 1997-vintage aircraft were previously operated by Bahrain Air.

Iceland Express subleased a Boeing 737-500 (27355) aircraft with CFM56-3C1 engines from Astraeus. The 1994-vintage ex-British Airways aircraft is leased from GECAS through May 2012.

Jet Midwest acquired a Fokker F100 (11352) aircraft with Tay 650-15 engines from Aero Mongolia for parts. The 1991-vintage ex-Jetsgo aircraft was acquired by Aero Mongolia in 2006.

Kalitta Turbine Leasing purchased three Airbus A300B4-100/200F (124, 155, 261) aircraft with CF6-50C2 engines from TNT Airways in a transaction arranged by Cabot Aviation. MSN 124 is a 1980-vintage A300B4-100F that was last operated by Pan Air. MSN 155 is a 1981-vintage A300B4-200F that was previously operated by TNT Airways. MSN 261 is a 1983-vintage A300B4-200F that was previously operated by TNT Airways.

LAN transferred an Airbus A320-200 (4509) aircraft with V2527E-A5 engines to LAN Ecuador. The aircraft was delivered new to LAN in November 2010.

Sri Lankan leased an Airbus A340-300 (381) aircraft with CFM56-5C4 engines from ILFC. The 2011-vintage aircraft was operated by Cathay Pacific Airways since new.

Titan Aviation Leasing acquired one Boeing 737-800 passenger aircraft from Aviation Capital Group. The 2008-vintage aircraft, MSN 29681, was delivered new to Skymark Airlines under an eight-year operating lease contract with Aviation Capital Group.

Travel Service subleased an Airbus A320-200 (793) aircraft with CFM56-5A3 engines from Nouvelair Tunisie for the summer period. The 1998-vintage aircraft has bee operated by Nouvelair Tunisie since 2007.