Jet Deals - 31 March

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Excess capacity finds homes in Eastern Europe

Excess capacity is being absorbed by Russia and the ex-CIS countries.

Last week, Ukraine International Airlines agreed to lease four new 737-800s with CFM56-7B engines from Aviation Capital Group for delivery in 2009/10 as part of overall plan to acquire 30 new aircraft over next seven years. Two aircraft are scheduled next year and the remaining two in 2010.

VTB Leasing signed a letter of intent to purchase a total of four Airbus A318/A319s from Frontier Airlines in a deal arranged by SkyWorks Leasing. VTB Leasing will acquire two 2003-vintage Airbus A318-100s (1939, 2051) with CFM56-5B8/P engines as well as two A319-100s (1761, 1890) aircraft. MSN 1761 is a 2002-vintage aircraft equipped with CFM56-5B5/P engines while MSN 1890 is a 2003-vintage aircraft with CFM56-5B6/P engines. VTB Leasing will place the aircraft for forward lease to Rossiya Airlines. Two aircraft will be delivered in May 2008 and the remaining two in August 2008.

JetBlue Airways said last week it now plans to sell nine A320-200s with V2500 engines this year. It previously planned the sale of eight aircraft.

Air Arabia purchased two new Airbus A320-200s. The carrier said it purchased both aircraft from leasing companies. Last week CAO reported that Air Arabia subleased an 2006-vintage Airbus A320-200 (2678) from Vueling for one year.

Adria Airways leased a Boeing 737-500 (25236) with CFM56-3C1 engines from Boeing Capital Corporation. The 1993-vintage ex-Air France aircraft was previously operated by Ukraine International Airlines.

Air Baltic leased a Boeing 757-200 (26254) with RB211-535E4 engines from Babcock & Brown. The 1999-vintage ex-Iberia aircraft was previously on lease to Audeli.

Blue Air Transport Aerian leased a Boeing 737-400 (28723) with CFM56-3C1 engines from FNBC Leasing Corporation. The 1997-vintage aircraft was previously leased to Air One.

BOC Aviation finalised agreements with Air Canada for the purchase and leaseback of two new Boeing 777-300ER (35248, 35249) aircraft with GE90-115BL2 engines. Scheduled for delivery to Air Canada from the US manufacturer in March and April this year. The aircraft will be leased to the airline for a period of 12 years each. This is the first contract between BOC Aviation and Air Canada. The two aircraft are the 11th and 12th Boeing 777 aircraft acquired by the lessor.

Capital Lease Aviation completed the purchase of an used Airbus A320-200 aircraft with CFM56 engines from a US-based Trust company. The 1994-vintage aircraft is under lease to a major US domestic airline for a period of five year. Capital Lease Aviation said it paid $12.15m for the aircraft. The aircraft is leased until 2013 with an option to renew. Capital Lease Aviation paid the purchase price from existing cash reserves and intends to leverage the ownership of the asset when required to match the term of the lease.

Click Mexicana leased a Fokker 100 (11305) with Tay 650-15 from GECAS. The 1995–vintage aircraft was previously operated by TAM Linhas Aereas.

Logistic Air leased a Boeing 747-100SR (22067) with JT9D-7A engines to Niger’s AeroExpress for a period of one year. The 1980-vintage aircraft was last operated by Japan Airlines.

JT Power purchased a Boeing 747-200F (22477) with JT9D-7Q engines from Grandmax Group. The 1981-vintage aircraft was acquired by Grandmax Group in January from Japan Airlines International. JT Power leased the aircraft to Orient Thai Airlines. This is the fourth 747-200F Orient Thai Airlines leases from JT Power.

Monarch Airlines agreed to lease an Airbus A321-200 A321 (1794) with V2533-A5 engines from AerCap. The 2002-vintage aircraft was previously on four-year operating lease to Spirit Airlines. The lease expired on 29 March 2008. This aircraft is part of the ALS securitization portfolio for which AerCap is the servicer.

Midex International purchased a Boeing 747-200F (25266) with CF6-50E2 engines from Martinair Holland. The 1991-vintage aircraft had been in operations at Martinair Holland since new.Midex International, which has three ex-Pinnacle Air Cargo Airbus A300B4-203F aircraft, also from acquired another A300B4Fs (203) aircraft with CF6-50C2 engines from Pinnacle Air Cargo. All aircraft are being placed on lease to start-up Midex Airlines.

Nordic Aviation Contractor is pleased to confirm that it has purchased one Boeing 737-300 (23937) aircraft with CFM56-3B1 engines from AeroTurbine. The 1988-vintage aircraft was previously on lease to US Airways.

Novus Aviation acquired two 2000-vintage Embraer ERJ-145EP (229, 253) aircraft with AE3007-A1/2 engines from RBS Aerospace with leases attached to Flybe through April 2010 and September 2010, respectively. These are two of five aircraft in a larger portfolio being acquired by Falak aviation fund, which is co-sponsored by United International Bank, Bahrain and Novus/MPL, and managed by Novus Aviation.

SkyAirworld leased a new Embraer E190 (154) with CF34-10E6 engines from GECAS. According to sources, SkyAirworld is looking at acquiring a second aircraft and is rumoured to add two ERJ-145s from GECAS for delivery this summer.

Swiss International Airlines subleased an Airbus A340-300 (167) with CFM56-5C4 engines from Lan Airlines. The 1997-vintage aircraft is the third ex- Air Canada A340-300 Swiss is operating. It previously leased MSN 154 and MSN 179.

Turbine Engine Resources purchased a third Bombardier CRJ-100 for part out. The company acquired a CRJ-100 (7157) with CF34-3A1 engines from US Bank Trust NA Trustee. The 1997-vintage was previously operated by Comair. Turbine Engine Resources already has ex-Austrian CRJ-100 (7125) and ex-Comair (7157), engines, APUs, and everything except the hulls in its Carrollton facility.

Transavia France leased a new Boeing 737-800 (29651) with CFM56-7B27 engines from Babcock & Brown Asset Management.