LCI delivers AW139 to SFS Aviation for offshore support

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Lease Corporation International has delivered a new AugustaWestland AW139 helicopter to SFS Aviation on medium-term lease.

The helicopter will be used by to provide offshore support services to a number of multi-national oil companies in the Gulf of Thailand, such as PTT Exploration and Production and CPOC, says LCI in a statemnt.

This is the fourth helicopter in SFS Aviation’s growing fleet of AgustaWestland units based at Songkhla in southern Thailand. SFS Aviation also has a further commitment for four AW189s.

Chira Ratanarat, chairman of SFS Aviation, says: “The acquisition of a new AW139 is the latest part of our fleet development programme which allows us to offer the highest standards of service to our clients in Thailand. The trend for our customers here is to go further offshore and the AW139 allows us to cover these longer distances with the greatest possible efficiency and safety, while ensuring our passengers travel in the comfort offered by AugustaWestland’s new-generation helicopters”.