Lessors represent 10% of Ex-Im approvals

Source: Flightglobal.com
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The US Export-Import Bank financed $1.06 billion worth of aircraft deliveries for the operating leasing community last year.

BOC Aviation was the largest recipient of Ex-Im guarantees for the year to 30 September with a $260.4 million financing package. Aviation Capital Group followed with $242.4 million in Ex-Im guarantees approved by the export credit agency. Ex-Im approved a package for CIT Aerospace to the tune of $217.3 million, while Avolon Aerospace Leasing won a financing package worth $141.3 million.


AWAS received two Ex-Im financing approvals totalling $125.2 million. Ex-Im also approved Jackson Square International for $70.6 million in guarantees.

Ex-Im approved deals for operating lessors were up 53% on fiscal year 2011, which totalled $688 million.

In 2011, CIT Aerospace received $150 million worth of Ex-Im guarantees, while AWAS accounted for $296.1 million in guaranteed financings. BOC Aviation had $220.8 million worth of deals guaranteed by the Ex-Im. ALAFCO received $10.3 million, while Aviation Capital Group had $10.9 million approved by the export credit agency.


Aviation-related goods and services authorisations remained the highest industry sector to receive Ex-Im support at $12.3 billion last year. This includes approximately $600 million in support of US-manufactured business aircraft and helicopters.

Ex-Im also approved $11.7 billion in financing to support the export of 154 US-manufactured commercial aircraft to a total of 22 airlines and seven operating leasing companies in 21 different countries.