Lockheed Martin delivers 100th C-130J for US customer

Source: Flightglobal.com
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Lockheed Martin has delivered its 100th C-130J Hercules to have been ordered by a US customer, with the milestone achieved with the handover of a tactical transport to the US Air Force at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas.

The USAF is the lead recipient of the new-generation C-130J, with Lockheed saying 32 have now been delivered for active duty. The Air National Guard has so far received 22 of the aircraft, and the Air Force Reserve 11, it adds.

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The US Marine Corps has meanwhile accepted 29 KC-130J tankers to date, while the US Coast Guard has taken delivery of six aircraft from Lockheed’s Marietta line in Georgia.

Export customers for the C-130J include Australia, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Norway and the UK, with India also having earlier this year given its approval to a six-aircraft deal and Israel believed to be close to an acquisition.