Luxembourg airport security levels fail European tests, prompting EC to consider legal action

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European Commission regulators have criticised Luxembourg for failing to implement fully harmonised security measures at its airport, and not correcting deficiencies previously identified.

The regulators have sent a ‘reasoned opinion’ to the Luxembourgish government over the matter. Such a move is the last step before a complaint is filed with the European Court of Justice.

In its opinion, the EC states that Luxembourg has “failed to respect” European legislation on aviation security, which was supposed to come into effect in January 2003.

“Commission inspections at Luxembourg airport have established that some security measures have not been fully implemented in compliance with Community standards and some of the identified deficiencies have not yet been rectified,” it says.

“The implementation of common basic standards and related security measures therefore remain a major concern at Luxembourg airport.”

EC regulators have also sent a reasoned opinion to Germany regarding the award of security contracts for passenger- and baggage-screening services at Frankfurt Main airport. The EC says that the German government awarded these contracts to Frankfurt Main airport operator Fraport, without organising a competitive tender – against European Union free-market rules.