Major poll reveals majority of aviation companies hiring for new posts in 2006 in all sectors

This story is sourced from Flight International
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A majority of aviation companies will add new headcount this year, a major survey of aviation employers has revealed.

The survey, conducted by aviation headhunters Marlborough, polled 112 airlines, airports, aerospace manufacturers and aviation service companies in Europe and Asia-Pacific on their recruiting expectations for 2006. It showed that 45% of respondents would “definitely” be hiring additional staff this year and a further 35% “probably” would do so.

Of these hires, 75% would be either operational or commercial, with only one-tenth of new appointments expected to be made either at board level management or for technical posts.

Marlbrough says the research underlines the trend that hiring in the sector is witnessing a resurgence, which it attributes to the rise in merger and acquisition activity, coupled with traditional job movements. The percentage of new hires for replacement purposes is only 28%, with 34% new roles and 48% to fill business expansion requirements, the poll reveals.

“The surge in recruitment, as pinpointed by the research, has been apparent to us for some time”, says Richard Lewis, managing director of Marlborough.