Manufacturers step up $13bn in financing for American's first 230 deliveries

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Airbus and Boeing have agreed to provide leasing support covering more than 200 deliveries as part of American Airlines' landmark order today.

American says it will receive "approximately $13 billion of committed financing" from the manufacturers through lease transactions that will cover the first 230 deliveries.

The airline has pledged to purchase 200 Boeing aircraft, spilt between current Next Generation 737 models and Boeing's expected new evolution of the 737NG, with a new engine, which will the CFM International Leap X. Deliveries of the current model aircraft begin in 2013.

The Airbus order includes 260 A320 aircraft with flexibility to convert its delivery positions into the A319 and A321. Deliveries of 130 current generation A320s start in 2013, said American, followed by deliveries of 130 A320neos beginning in 2017.