Metal Master prepares Flaris LAR 1 for first flight

This story is sourced from Flight International
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Polish engineering company Metal Master is readying its Flaris LAR 1 ultra-light personal jet, for its first flight in the middle of the year. The milestone, if achieved, would come around a year after the four-seat single was unveiled by the Podgorzyn-based company.

"The first prototype is being used for static testing," says Flaris team member Maciej Peikert. A number of tests have already been completed on the prototype, the company says. They include wing strength and in-depth laboratory testing of the main undercarriage, "The second aircraft is the first flying prototype and will be used for certification testing," Peikert adds.

The aircraft will initially be certificated under the Polish civil aviation authority’s S-1 experimental aircraft designation - scheduled for 2015 - "so our eager customers can get their hands on it", says Peikert. "We will continue to work on full European CS-23 certification which we hope to achieve in 2016. However, as with any new aircraft programme, it is impossible to provide exact dates."

The LAR 1 will be equipped with a Garmin G600 cockpit. It features semi-elliptical, detachable wings, allowing the LAR 1 to be parked in a spacious garage and a safety parachute system in the nose of the aircraft. The carbonfibre turbofan-single is projected to have a maximum take-off weight of 1,500kg (3,300lb) and an empty weight of 700kg. Metal-Master has yet to select an engine for the type but it is evaluating the Pratt & Whitney Canada P&WC615F, P&WC610 - which will power the flying prototype - and the Williams International FJ33 - selected by Cirrus Aircraft for its in-development SF50 Vision personal jet.