Mule unmanned air vehicle readied for hover test

Tel Aviv
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The prototype of Urban Aeronautics' Mule ducted fan unmanned air vehicle was transferred from the company's assembly line to an airstrip in central Israel on 1 June in preparation for its first hover test.

"It will hover after completing a series of ground tests," says Urban Aeronautics president Rafi Yoeli.

Designed to perform combat zone resupply and medical evacuation missions, the Mule will have a maximum take-off weight of 1,089kg (2,400lb), including a 247kg cargo. It will fly fully autonomous sorties with an endurance of 2-4h, depending on payload and mission profile. Maximum speed will be 100kt (185km/h) and service ceiling 12,000ft (3,670m).

Made of composite materials, the production Mule air vehicle will be 5.9m long and 2.15m wide, and use its Aerocomposites-developed 1.8m-diameter five-bladed rotors to provide variable pitch.

Urban Aeronautics 
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 Urban Aeronautics' Mule ducted fan unmanned air vehicle