NBAA 09: PICTURE - PoshAir debuts in-flight sleeping bags

This story is sourced from Flight Daily News
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PoshAir (booth 1195) founder and chief executive Darlisa Crawford is inviting attendees to get inside her sleeping bag after bringing her patented designs to the NBAA convention for the first time.

Crawford says she hopes to cosy up to major business jet manufacturers and operators who are interested in providing tailored and branded versions of her wool and cashmere sleeping bags to their clients.

"I've made prototypes for some of the very large companies exhibiting here," says Crawford. "My plan is to solidify these relationships, and my presence here is really to tell them I'm ready for that kind of commitment. We are the world's first and only in-flight sleeping bag."


PoshAir's sleeping bags, which retail for $199-699, feature belt loops that enable a seatbelt to be visibly fastened around them, an optional hood and a pocket for safely storing passports, pills or an iPod. Cheaper versions are available for children and babies.